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About me

I’m Aadit, a 2020 University of Iowa graduate with an bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication and a minor in German. In the fall, I’ll begin a master’s program at the University of Maryland, College Park, specializing in computational and data journalism.

During my time at the University of Iowa, I served as managing digital editor at the university’s student-run newspaper, The Daily Iowan; worked as a student ambassador for the UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication; and interned with New York-based content marketing company, EGR International. You can find an overview of my work on this website.

Coded creations:

Interactive: How are other colleges dealing with the coronavirus?

With coronavirus cases in Iowa reaching 12, the Board of Regents has recommended the three regent universities move classes to virtual instruction. The DI took a look at how the UI’s peer universities are dealing with the outbreak.

Newsgame: COVID-19 and Immigration

The COVID-19 pandemic created a sense of anxiety among international students in the U.S. While some chose to return to their home countries, others stayed on campus. According to the New York Times, however, as their bank accounts dwindle, some had to turn to food banks for help. What would you do if you were in the U.S. trying to maintain an immigration status amid the COVID-19 pandemic?.

Covering COVID-19

Updates on the effects of the coronavirus on the University of Iowa and Iowa City community.

Quiz: Can you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

Before enjoying their rights and privileges as U.S. citizens, immigrants take a 10-question test — they are required to answer six correctly to pass. A 2018 survey found that only 1 in 3 Americans would pass the test.

Interactive Presidential Candidate Tracker

Ahead of the 2020 caucuses, presidential candidates are xcking to Johnson County to make their case to area voters in one of the bluest pockets of Iowa. I coded an interactive map to ploy where they’ve been and where they’re headed.

Countdown to the 2020 Presidential Election

Wondering how many days until the 2020 election? Checkout this clock — also displayed on the DI's politics homepage.

Interactive caucus guide

An interactive guide for the DI to help caucusgoers make an informed decision.

This website

After gaining inspiration from one of my professors, I decided to code my online portfolio myself. Tough, yet satisfying.

Written works:

Making America home: My 8,000-mile journey from India to the Heartland

Amid a four-year decline in international student enrollment at the University of Iowa, I narrated the story of my journey moving from India to Iowa and calling it home.

UI freshman makes thousands in stock market trade out of his dorm room

UI freshman Mahmoud Ali toyed around with business ideas in high school. Now, he trades stocks every day and has made what most achieve in their early 40s.

UI’s tobacco ban difficult to enforce as students continue to smoke on campus

As more students shift from using combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes such as vapes, UI Student Health & Wellness cessation program attendance has declined. UI’s enforcement of a tobacco-free policy continues to be difficult to enforce.

Summer columns

Growing up in India, my life was influenced by the huge leaps my country has made toward globalization. At the same time, I was raised to respect and value the culture and traditions that form the fabric of the nation. The open-mindedness of my family gave me the opportunity to pursue my college education in the United States. When I visit home now, I see and observe my country in a new light. Drawing parellels between Indian and American culture, I wrote biweekly columns from my hometown.

Senior Column: The DI has been my home away from home

Coming to Iowa from India, I was a little anxious about how I would fit in. I was able to find my family at The Daily Iowan and created a home away from home.