Thank you for stopping by!

This website is created — or "hand-made" — by me to showcase my work, primarily. On days when I'm feeling particularly creative, it doubles as a playground for me to experiment with code.

This instance is scaffolded with the React-based framework, Next.js. The bulk of the content is written in a Google Doc, which functions as a micro CMS. ArchieML then formats the data as JSON, which is piped into the app. This helps me catch typos easily. A GitHub Action automatically builds and deploys this site to my FTP server when changes are pushed to the repository because I like automation.

I used VSCode as a code editor. iTerm2, an open-source framework for managing Zsh configurations, is my terminal emulator. The typeface used is system-ui, which results in Segoe on Windows, San Francisco on macOS, and Roboto on Android.

The site is designed to adapt to your device’s appearance — dark mode or light mode — settings.

I used Google Analytics for tracking page views.

Wondering what those circles at the top are? It’s a data visualization of the projects presented on this website. Each color represents my main role — design, graphics, development, reporting, data analysis, or documentation — in the project. The size of the circles maps to how many of those roles I played. One weekend I wanted to learn how to use d3-force and thought this was a good way to run an introductory experiment. I hope they add an element of fun to your experience navigating this site.